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Hello beauty – it’s no accident you’ve landed here 

I’m Jess, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Mama and awakener of the sacred feminine.

I guide women, just like you, back into the depths of your body, so you can remember and awaken the magic that already exists within you. 

I know you have who have felt those inner whispers – more is available and there is a better way. 


I know you’re ready to create a new legacy, live a different way, leave behind the stress, overwhelm to create a beautifully grounded existence, where your intuition, body wisdom and inner truth is your compass and guide.  


I’ll show you how to dial your body wisdom and intuition all the way up, connect to your sacred feminine and fully own, embody and express, with wild courage, all parts of yourself


Right now, the world needs women like you 


We're here to anchor the new feminine in and through us - to create a new way of living for women.

Imagine yourself – 

◬ Living, loving and leading with fierce grace

◬ Experiencing depth, feeling and freedom within your body

◬ Fully embracing your light, dark and wild

◬ Using your body and her wisdom as a portal for potent intuition & inner truth

◬ Having complete freedom in your expression – no longer needing to hide, prove your worth or seek approval 

◬ Knowing it is all available within you, and feeling clarity, trust and ease to navigate life 

◬ Feeling, welcoming and releasing all emotions from your body to come into flow

◬ Embodying yourself – naturally radiant, whole and magnetic

◬ Connected, in-tune and attune – to your body, nature and something bigger

This is the path of Sacred Feminine Embodiment

"Jess, you have given me the space where I can open up and not be ashamed of who I am. You gave me and the other women in the circle the space to let go and receive love" - Kerry

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About Jess

Jess has walked many paths in her 32 years and has embodied many lessons, weaving together feminine embodiment, channeled wisdom and practical support.

1:1 Coaching

The potent and unique Sacred, Sovereign Woman Program - a deeply transformative 3 month container for awakening women to walk in the world powerful, radiant, feminine and live in flow.

Group Activations

Online Immersions and Face -to-Face Gatherings for rising women to feel, move, be, connect and be free.
Deeply healing and activating spaces exploring the light and dark aspects of the feminine.

There is nothing more powerful and magnetic than a woman who is fully embodying herSELF.

Join our tribe of woman claiming their feminine birthrights of radiance, flow and magnetism.  
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don’t worry, we totally respect your privacy and alignment, we won’t spam you or share your details. 

You’ll get musings, inspiration and special gifts from time to time. x

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