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Woman, it’s no accident you’ve landed here. 


We’re in a time of evolution as Woman – anchoring a new feminine way – a way that is calling to deep into yourself, your body, your heart and your pussy, creating new personal paradigms and ways of being. 


A feminine lead way  – that will lead you to more



 true feminine power


I’m Jess, certified Feminine Embodiment Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Solo Mama, Phoenix and Awakener of the Sacred & Wild feminine.


I guide women, just like you, into their Empowered Sacred Femininity, to reside in a feminine frequency of love, radiance and flow, and to embody the fullness of you – breaking free of your good girl, eons of repression to stand powerful, confident, free and wild in your truth and sovereignty.


 Together, we journey into the depths of you, the light and the dark in a space where all is welcome, to unlock and amplify your unique feminine blueprint and gifts to the world. 

I work with a intuitive model blending coaching, channeling, embodiment



The Feminine Spirals of Awakening:

[ Activation ] 
the spark of truth and remembering of YOU as the powerful woman, healer, creator (you’re probably feeling that activation within you, which has lead you here)


[ Amplify ] 
Your innate, natural and forgotten feminine gifts and wisdom ( we work from the premise that everything you need is already within you)


 [ Depth ]
come to know the very corners and edges of you, we travel to the deepest parts of you, this is where expansion is born, from laying the roots


[ Embody ]
Anchor into your body and birth from the body, as your channel for liberation and love on earth


 [ Awaken ] 
Yourself, your family, community and the planet to a higher frequency 

I know you have who have felt those inner whispers – more is available and there is a better way. 

 The New Feminine Way is calling my love – take my hand and together, let’s Awaken the absolute fucking magic and and gift that is you.



I’ll show you how to dial your body wisdom and intuition all the way up, connect to your sacred feminine and fully own, embody and express, with wild courage, all parts of yourself


Right now, the world needs women like you 


We're here to anchor the new feminine in and through us - to create a new way of living for women, for our daughters and a new standard for the world, for women everywhere.

Imagine yourself – 

◬ Living, loving and leading with FIERCE GRACE AND EMBODIED SELF WORTH like a #queen

◬ Experiencing DEEP CONNECTION to your body and using her as a guidance system – bye bye overwhelm, analysis paralysis and confusion 

◬ Fully embracing your dark and wild side to experience abundant PLEASURE, SEXUAL LIBERATION, ALIVENESS and BLISS as your normal #sacredvixen


◬  Grounding into a empowered balanced feminine way in life, mothering, and work and business – balancing your masculine, unwinding from Go and #Hustle mode – feeling oh so nourished and just fucking good in your body  

◬  Operating in your sacred feminine polarity and heart space in love and sexamplifying sexual chemistry and inspiring King energy from the masculine. #sacredgoddess


◬ Knowing how to be with and EMOTIONALLY ALCHEMISE  big, heavy, intense or ‘dark’ feelings into healing and return to flow and ease – rather then being overtaken by them or emotionally numb #wolfmode

◬ Learning how to work with your big emotions and sensitivity powerfully and. not be overwhelmed or shut off your natural gifts #gracefulwarrior

◬ Living in-tune to your Primal, Heart and Higher Mind for full body Fuck Yes or No – ending self abandonment and people pleasing

◬ Being a portal for potent intuition, endless creativity & sacred transmissions



◬ Having UNTAMED EXPRESSION – voicing your truth, dressing how you please, holding your boundaries and fully expressing yourself without fear #wolfmode 


◬ Living in an energy of CLARITY, TRUST, SUPPORT, FLOW and EASE


◬ Embodying FEMININE FULLNESS – authentically and potently you
naturally radiant, whole and magnetic


This is the path of Sacred & Wild Feminine Embodiment

"Jess, you have given me the space where I can open up and not be ashamed of who I am. You gave me and the other women in the circle the space to let go and receive love" - Kerry

Discover your empowered feminine energy and how to amplify her to ooze magnetism and radiance.

About Jess

Jess continues to walk the path of the Phoenix, courageously shedding what is no longer aligned to birth into a greater expression of alignment and truth. She is a warrior and activator for sacred and wild femininity and grounding in a new frequency.

1:1 Mentorship

6 Month Mentorship for Women seeking quantum expansion and lasting transformation. Embody your Feminine frequency, power and untamed expression.

Potent | Deep | Life Changing LIBERATE

Group Immersion

Come together as a connected womanhood to anchor a new way to Live, Love and Lead as Women, Mothers , Change Makers and Feminine Leaders

Activating | Amplifying | Healing

There is nothing more powerful and magnetic than a woman who is fully embodying herSELF.