Modern Sacred Feminine

Repeat these Affirmations Daily to anchor in your Modern Sacred Feminine

Repeat these 10 affirmations whenever you want to let the universe know you are indeed ready and stepping into your Modern Sacred Feminine and watch your world shift.

An affirmation is a way of reprogramming your subconscious mind. The key is to repeat often and consistently. To super charge the affirmations power to shift your life and reality, get into the emotion of joy, love, play or gratitude.

I am magnetic, my radiant energy effortless attracts all I desire. 


I surrender to a force greater than me.
Every cell in my body trusts the divine flow of my life.


I allow my sensuality and sexuality to be shine through. I honour my pleasure and connect with her every day.


I am abundant. Money knows she is safe with me. I am so worthy of divine compensation and I continue to attract her.


I am aligned in consciousness, heart and body. I trust the truth of my inner voice and body’s ancient wisdom.


Mama Gaia is my teacher. I honour the earth as I honour my own body. We are both magnificent.


I am the perfect divine balance for my beloved. We are passionate, connected and conscious.


I embody my mother energy with grace, confidence and compassion. I am a wise sage for my children.


I allow my body to heal. I forgive myself fully for my actions of the past. I invite my body to come into full balance and vitality.


I receive with open arms and heart. Let me be a channel for divine guidance and support.


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