Modern Sacred Feminine wild woman

Permission to explore your dark side.

I caught up with a beautiful spiritual friend of mine today. She’s a conscious mama, reiki master, yogi and meditation teacher – and she told me, she still drinks wine. She enjoys letting her hair down and letting her ‘party self out’ (occassionally!). And we both agreed, that was okay. She can be both. 

In becoming a yoga teacher, I got caught up in the idea that yogi meant all “light and love”. That meant abandoning the old Jess, her wild ways, her dark side, to embrace a more spiritual path.

After years of exploring this, I realised the next chapter in my spiritual journey was to get to know my dark again. Releasing her from the cage, and allowing her to roam.

Because, we’re not all love and light.
We’re dark as well.
We’re human AF as well.
We’re here to explore the depths of humaness and spiritualness in all it’s glory, and messiness.


The new way of the modern sacred feminine isn’t about aspiring to be some perfect Virginal Mother Mary, but becoming integrated into ALL parts of ourself. Letting the wild woman howl to the moon again. Allowing the earth goddess to live lightly, attuned to plants and motherearth. Walking with purpose, passion and fire. Surrendering, fully, in heart and body to a lover. To mother with love, empathy and compassion.

It doesn’t mean simply engaging is old habits, conditioning or shitty behaviour, under the guise of “exploring the dark” – using any kind of substance to gloss over feeling or self medicate falls into this category. Loosing your shit in anger and hurting someone is not exploring the dark – it’s just crappy behaviour. Using manipulation, fear or shame is not exploring your dark – it’s your small self trying to control.

Full, feminine integration, means deeply allowing yourself to explore all parts of yourself, dark and light. And expressing that in a way that still feels sovereign to you, your vibration and how you want to show up in the world, as a modern woman, mother, partner, lover.

If you’re feeling pulled to get in touch with your dark, wild woman and walk in the world with potency, fierce we’re exploring this in my week live Online Course – Awaken.

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