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It’s Your Birthright to be Powerful

It’s your birthright to be powerful AF.

And powerful meaning your glorious version of feminine power.

I know many of us (me included) have or had disconnected from our power because somewhere along the line power become a dirty work – associated with people starting wars, men at the tops of companies ripping off the masses, or people like Trump (HUGE ICK).

Last year, I really started to deep dive into my relationship with power, and I realised that although I thought myself to be a powerful woman, I was actually leaking my power in more ways then one –

I wasn’t saying No, when I wanted to for fear of upsetting another or letting someone down

I kept giving people chances who were disrespecting me and not valuing my boundaries

I wasn’t valuing my boundaries enough and being really unclear with this

I wasn’t aware of the energetics of power, and how I was letting other peoples energy absorb mine.

Maybe you’ve experienced some of these things too. I speak to a LOT of women stuck in this ‘good girl’ identity or persona – woman are SO FRICKEN HARD-WIRED to people please and seek validation that we give away our power as a result.

This good girl persona or lack of power means one or many of these things

+ you don’t want to rock the boat, or upset someone with your views

+ You don’t want to out shine someone in case they feel bad

+ You don’t speak up or speak unfiltered

+ You keep giving people chances and give them more love than what you show to yourself

+ You play the victim “he did this to me” “why does this keep happening to me”

+ You play the marytr – “It’s okay, I’ll go without”

+ you don’t own and express feelings like anger, frustration, or other fiery feelings

+ you dull sexuality or sensuality 

+ You let others make decisions for your life (e.g. parents, partner, society) instead of being truthful to yourself

+ You continuously seek outward advice instead of turning within

+ You stay in known situations even if they are no longer serving you (e.g. a job which is not fulfilling, or avoiding breaking up with someone )


Feminine does mean to be flowing, receptive and open, BUT she is also powerful as the elements of mama earth – think of the power and force of the ocean!


My version of feminine power is this – 

To stand tall, in full radiance, a woman grounded in her truth, a deep knowing in her womb, who speaks, clear and directly, asking for what she wants. A woman who says NO without justification or worry, and not says yes when it’s a full body, heart and womb resonance.

A woman who turns INWARD for her decisions, who Attunes to her own inner wisdom.

A woman who makes decisions which aren’t always easy, but stands in HER truth, HER alignment and HER power – not borrowed or given stories.

A woman who may be shaking, but stands up for what she believes in, has a deep respect of herself, her land, her children and communicates this.

A woman who walks in the world with impact, a grace of self believe and confidence, glowing from her solar plexus chakra. She doesn’t have to be loud, or always right, but she ALWAYS honours her truth, alignment and boundaries.

She never makes excuses for others mistreating her. Yes she forgives, but she won’t allow anything less than love, respect and honour to surround her, her body, her love life and her sex life.

Each day she deepens the connection with HERself, the potent feminine power that lies within her, and is not afraid to shine too brightly, nor share her strength. She embraces vulnerability and softness as a part of her power.

Who honours her primal self, the wild woman and accepts her ‘dark’ and light.

She is woman.
You are the woman.
This is #modernsacredfeminine 
Let’s help awaken and activate her.
xo Jess


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