Are you still seeking permission?

Where are you waiting for permission?

A couple of months, it was illuminated to me – I was seeking (waiting for) permission.
I was like whoa. 

I consider myself a powerful woman, yet somehow the traits of the ‘good girl role’ were still pervasively playing out in my life.

This role of the Good Girl is something I’m super passionate about – and by that I mean, super passionate about RELEASING in myself, and guiding woman to shed the restriction of the good girl persona.

The Good Girl is an underlying set of rules, or conditioning that many of us have subconsciously absorbed from our mothers, and society in general.

We can reflect on how many little girls are taught to be pretty, dainty, soft rather than messy, loud and wild. 

We can reflect on how woman are taught it’s better to be self sacrificing, and put other feelings first.

We can reflect on how many woman struggle, deeply, with speaking out, taking up space, or fully embracing and showing their full feminine.

I ask to you –

Are you taking up all the space you can as a woman?
Where are you waiting for permission?

I was talking to one of my teachers (coaches) and although I didn’t realise, I was subconsciously asking for her permission to take the next step in my business (and upgrade into my next level of power, abundance and receivership). She reflected back at me – Who are you seeking permission from?

And in that moment, I realised I had been waiting for ‘someone’ to give me approval, to say it was time, to say I was ready.

In feminine embodiment, we believe that every single woman (human) is powerful in her own right. So, my coach didn’t tell me I am ready. She simply asked me to consider, at my depths, if I am?

And using the tools I know through feminine embodiment, I discern –

I am.

On a mind only level, my internal, subconscious program was playing out that I needed ‘someone of authority’ to tell me I was enough and ready. This was the good girl – seeking permission and approval. Like a child looking to her mother to see whether she can have a second biscuit.

In the depths of my body I was ready.
I had to get past the noise in the mind first.
Get into my body, and hear the somatic wisdom and vital truth that is the voice of my essence.

She said I’m not a child.
I’m not a good girl.

And neither are you.

You are a powerful woman,
Only you know when you are ready.
Only you know what feels right and good for you.

Many people will try and tell you what you should do, and when. I won’t – I’ll just mirror to you the own wisdom and power you hold within your own being and guide you to access the incredible wisdom and clarity hidden in you.

As Tony Robbins infamously states “I am not your Guru”. I get it. 

For many of us who have been on a spiritual or self development path, we have looked to others to ‘tell us the answers’ – whether this be a coach, psychic mentor, healer, guru. Sure, there’s always times when we need advice and to chat things over  – but I deeply believe that YOU already know, it’s already WITHIN YOU.

Who am I to tell you when you are ready, or not ready?

When we seek our truth in the external, any external, we give our power away.

When we ask our mentor, coach, teacher, parent, partner, to give us permission, or tell us, we diminish the vastness of power and inner knowledge which is accessible to us, as our birthright.

So my love,

Where are you waiting for permission?
Where are you seeking approval?

Are you ready to release you Good Girl persona and full step into your powerful, radiant woman?

I’d love to explore your depths together, shake off your good girl and help you fully embody your truth.
Let’s chat about the magic that is feminine embodiment x