Depth over doing

Why the advice of 'Just do it' is so damaging to conscious women and heart centred creators.

I’m seeing an epidemic of spread thin, stressed-out heart centred, passionate woman who are creating businesses or side projects. In an effort to serve the world in a conscious way they end up falling back into hyper masculine way of doing things (which is so easy to do, given we’ve been programmed in this model since kindergarten).

I witness these incredible, gifted and talented women  feeling overwhelmed, getting stuck in comparison, ‘not good enough unless I have done XYZ”, comparing themselves to others on instagram and spread in 222 different directions.

I see it affecting their health, wellbeing, relationships and mothering, and diluting the impact they desire to have in the world, because nothing is grounded. 

And I get it, I truly do, because I did it for ages too (read my story from hyper masculine to femme here). After moving into yoga after business I kind of thought I’ve got this feminine approach down pat. But again and again, and under the advice of so many well-meaning, but hyper masculine model teachers and mentors, I kept falling into the trap of needing to do it all, right now! I found myself in a cycle of having incredible ideas and inspirations (I literally get new ideas for creations daily) and following these because you know ‘when you get the inspo you gotta move with it right’.

Well yes, but also No.

The advice so many of us conscious creativities, teachers, healers and feminine leaders get is –  

“Just do it”

“Start and work out be details later, or work them out on the fly”

“Launch your course / product with just the bare details then fill it in later”

“make 5 figures by pre launching”

“As you as you get the download from source go into ACTION”

All I’ve seen this advice do to conscious women compels them to create and serve from an energy of RUSH and LACK, feeling totally ungrounded and treading water without making the impact which they truly desire. 

This advice is really to jump straight into the masculine, before honouring the feminine depth. And without feminine depth, there is no flow (just hustle, and stress, my love). And whilst it may work for some, I honestly don’t want to create that way and it does not nourish our feminine energy, cycles or celebrate the innate magic of woman and her unique way of working and being.

So yes, you may get a divine spark or idea – but is should you be actioning it right now?

Does it actually feel good for you right now? 

Is it actually aligned with your season of your life, your vision or how you want to feel every day?

Is your action grounded and nourishing or hap-hazard and stress inducing?

Have you slipped into hustle or the need to keep up – even under the banner of a conscious action or idea?

I’ve found, within myself, and other women it is actually more then often to approach their business, creativity offerings this way means they end up – 

  • feeling depleted
  • driven from lack energy “I’ll miss out” or competition
  • feels rushed and then doesn’t do the idea justice 
  • having no idea about their boundaries so they constantly over over crossed
  • creates pressure and stress within their nervous system and business (leading to stress in every other facet of their lives)


When we are in the habit of jumping straight into masculine go or carry the energy of NEED TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW – without the idea coming into our feminine depth first, we are actually often carrying a scarcity vibration. Or we are creating from a limiting belief or stuck in the hyper masculine model of working and success.


When we are in feminine depth, connection to our body, season and bigger vision, we are in no rush, we know grounded action trumps fast action every single time. We are divinely supported, feel our inherent worth and trust in divine timing. 

This is so much more nourishing to our energy and body as sensitive women, and so much more impactful to the world.

So you’re thinking, Jess, – Does this mean the divine spark or idea wasn’t meant to be?

Well not necessarily 

The embodiment way simply invites us to depth first  – Into Feeling and luxuriating in the idea – whether it be launching a new offering, saying yes to a new role, moving into a new city, collaborating, whatever.

Only then, when we have fully come to explore it and feel within our 4 bodies (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) do we take grounded action.

One of the golden rules of embodiment it

Depth first > Do later 

This creates more spaciousness and nourishment for the feminine system, especially for heart based, intuitive women. This is critical for long term success (success including your wellbeing!)

It means we really feel it and know it to be true for us before we take any action.

It means we let the idea or spark completely fill us up BEFORE we move forward.

And it’s only in this process of the feminine depth, we can actually know if it’s the right action or path. (and this isn’t just for business, this is for LIFE!)

Sometimes it means we release it, because in the depths we find it actually 

  • isn’t the right time
  • isn’t aligned with our bigger vision
  • isn’t how we want to spend our days
  • doesn’t feel like a good way to invest our energy 
  • there was actually something else at play like a limiting belief or pattern which was driving us 
  • the exchange or payoff isn’t enough
  • that it’s just not lighting us up when we really feel it 

Because spending 4 seconds in the femme connecting with your idea then racing to the masculine doing, producing, achieving is not feminine creation or working within a feminine model. 

Let me remind you, you’re energy is the MOST vital resource you have!

Choosing what you invest our energy in and discerning alignment and inner truth before taking action, committing or “just doing it” is a powerful way to feel nourshised, grounded and create a life of feminine purpose.

We are addicted as a culture to instant gratitude, busy as sexy and “more is more”.

I’m inviting you to reject this

To fuck the hustle

To instead spend more time with that divine spark – going into the depths of yourself first to truly let this arise within you
And then – only then – moving into grounded, confident, sustainable action.

Your energy will thank you for it.

And from this place of depth, moving forward powerfully in the right direction becomes so easy.

Being grounded, feeling clarity and knowing your inner truth across all areas of your life is feminine power and success my dear. 

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