Is Authenticity Dead?

So I’m looking for a coach.

Cos every women needs to be supported by a coach and a cleaner #amiright ???

I’ve been looking at women and men coaches  – and I came across a women teaching ‘How to live in your femininity and embody a feminine resonance‘. Cool I thought, lemme see what she does, lemme see if she can hold me as the bad ass warrior I am, cos I need a coach that’s part demon… (Don’t act like these aren’t the kind of thoughts you have too when looking for a coach…).

A little down the rabbit hole I realise she works 6 days a week and puts her very young child in daycare for those 6 days and only sees her briefly morning and night.

And is teaching – how to live and embody femininity.


You’re joking right?

Straight away, I didn’t care what creditials, what she claims and her knowledge was, how many women she’s worked with – she was OFF MY LIST.

Cos authentic embodiment is important.

Cos energetic resonance is important.

Cos I don’t want someone who is not actually embodying what they teach.

Anyone can get a cert and teach from a head based place. Every second spiritual person is a “coach”.

Mastery and true embodiment is a different ball game.

It’s a completely different resonance you feel.

It’s a wisdom that comes with navigating the inner terrain of your own life and world first and THEN serving from a deeply authentic place.

I felt – how the fuck can this woman teach femininity when she is clearly hustling, working in the old masculine paradigm, de-prioritising mothering and the relationship with her child.

It made me wanna smack my head – this is not fucking #femininepower this is SLAVE TO THE OLD MODEL. And It’s inauthentic AF.

Respect to her, how she chooses to work and do life – but let me tell you – that AIN’T embodying the sacred femme.

I see this ALL THE TIME.

Women who are serving in a heart based, new earth kind of way, but not yet embodied or haven’t come to depth with what they desire to share.

Women who want to serve, but it’s rooted in lack or avoidance of something else. They are driven by the need to fill an empty internal cup through outside validation. 

These women think that by serving others they will finally feel worthy and whole, when really, deep down, they are using work and career success as an avoidance for feeling some painful thing, wounding and healing – and doing “the inner work”.

It’s literally the model we’ve been taught as Women (and men) – stay busy / avoid feeling / use the external (work, money, status, baby) to validate self worth.

(I get it – I was that woman for a long time – there is no judgment.)


Women serving women in a heart based businesses and careers – but are actually highly in their masculine, in the masculine paradigm of doing things  and only use old models of success, or are highly skewed by money, status and down-grade connection, health, pleasure, being EN-JOY. These women look ‘successful’ from the outside but many feel anxiety, dis-ease and still feel dissatisfaction in areas of their life as they continue to deny their true feminine essence.

I’m gonna share something with you from my personal anchors for my life right now:

+ I never want to work more than 10 hours MAX a week again

+ My daughter (and any future babes) will always be my number one (along with my beloved). I want to be really active in her life and childhood and support her to become a conscious, wild warrior woman #paleobakingmama

+ No amount of “success” is worth compromising my health and well-being for – mental, physical, emotional or spiritual

+ If it doesn’t feel fucking pleasurable and good in my body I’m not gonna do it – that stands for work, relationships, sex and LIFE

+ Relationships, family and love are deeply important to me and I won’t let these fall away for some outside achievement or career

+ Creating freedom and nourished income to sustain personal goals and experiences (like trips around Karijini for a month) is more aligned than simply making more and more for the sake of more without understanding what’s REALLY driving this.

+ Feeling juicy, having a high libido and dancing often are some of the markers of my success (your level of turn-on is a great way to gauge how aligned you are with love, life and relationships).

+ I feel I have a service and gift to the world to create a new way of being and guide the planet back to empowered femininity and crack open through darkness – just a little summon by the dark goddess to anchor a new earth.

I share these because –

I’ve defined success and boundaries on my TERMS, in a feminine model that feels fucking good to me, instead of just running on repeat to the old masculine model or not questioning wtf I’m actually doing, and just running ahead.

I took almost a year off because I was in deep transformation growth, healing and personal mastery – rather then hustle from lack when I became a #singlemother I knew I’d come back with greater potency when it felt right.

I share this because we have a responsibility to create a new paradigm right now as Awakening women  – and to be fucking authentic in that. Like #embodiment is not just the new sexy spiritual hashtag for Woke peeps (vomit).

If you’re also a woman who is seeking support in your Awakening I  take a tiny number of 1:1 clients because I coach and live in authenticity. 

I have openings right now for women who wanna say #fuckthehustle – instead let’s use  #feminineflow #magnetism #sexmagic to create the life we desire.

LIBERATE MENTORSHIP is your channel.

We can do all kinds of sexy things together like map out and redefine your personal success mantra and build inner fire to hold your boundaries and stand in your power to voice your truth. It’s lead by where you’re at and uniquely co-created between us, using a feminine model (read about it here).

And fuck that is powerful.

Come awaken my dear and Liberate yourself from the binds of accepting a way of living that was given to you, and not CHOSEN by you.