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There comes a critical point, where the old ways of striving, achievement, busyness, and constant doing are no longer serving you. When your body is crying out in disharmony or dis-ease. When your current life – career, friends, behaviours – no longer feel like you. When living in your unbalanced masculine is causing greater discomfort then taking a leap of faith into the unknown. 

This is the point where you begin to listen to your inner guidance and start to radically change your path. I know it was for me.

Jesscard reading

Around six years ago I started to search for something more. I didn’t know what it was called back then, but I know now I was radically out of my alignment. For as long as I could remember I’d been an overachiever (nothing but the top was good enough), my worth was linked to my achievements, I dated the wrong guys, I pushed my body from a place of lack and felt a total disconnect from my body and spirit as one divine entity. 

I had completely disconnected from my sacred feminine.

Like many women, I was doing what we have been taught to do – work hard, play hard and leave little time for rest. I prided myself on being able to “do it all” myself and whatever my male counterparts could do, I could do just as well (or better). I had many male platonic friends, worked with majority men and didn’t have a many of women friends – being friends with women had always been a struggle. I’d experienced betrayal and felt that guys were just ‘easier’.

As much as I was ticking all the boxes that were “meant” to make me happy, I was exhausted, suffering adrenal fatigue (which I believe is a sign of seriously unbalanced masculine in women), chronic digestive issues, had no sisterhood and was in a job which didn’t fulfil me.

There came I point where I couldn’t stand living how I was anymore. I couldn’t ignore the messages from my body, which was screaming at me to listen. My soul would no longer wait. 

I begun to make radical changes, and one by one transformed my life and reclaimed my feminine and immersed myself in feminine arts and ancient wisdom (see below this story for my professional qualifications). I gave up binge drinking and alcohol, started nourishing my body with whole-food, stopped dating guys who didn’t get me, met my partner Lee, ditched coffee and replaced it with cacao, left my successful career without any plans, became a yoga teacher, feel pregnant without trying and become a mother to my starseed Luna, and then a feminine embodiment coach.

I was shit scared and uncertain a lot, but kept following my inner voice and leaning into trust over fear. 

I did it alone, but you don’t have to. 


My life has radically shifted. Everyday, I’m embodying my Sacred Feminine, (which certainly isn’t glitter and unicorns) – she’s an expression that feels like me, earthy tones, barefeet, linen clothing, known for equal parts fierce and gentleness (like my tattoo says – Graceful Warrior). Creating and living a joyous motherhood and family life is now critically important to me. I live a life much more fulfilled, working with the natural flow of my cycles and the cycles and teaching of mama earth. My heart lights up with the work I do, from holding intimate coaching spaces using feminine embodiment, to teaching yoga and meditation face to face, holding womens circles and online immersions, working with pregnancy and mamas. I’m in my soul purpose work. I enjoy daily sunshine, walks, simple rituals like cacao, sage, music that moves my soul and play with Luna. I consciously connect to my feminine and universal flow daily.

I’d love to help you live a life in greater resonance with your soul and discover your expression of Sacred Feminine. 

I deeply believe that as a woman comes back within, connects with the loving energy of her higher self and embody’s her Sacred Feminine, she makes a mark in this world, and gives permission for others to do the same.

xo Jess


Jess’ Professional Qualifications

Feminine Embodiment Coach with the School of Embodied Arts 

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Power Living

Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Davis

Hatha Yoga & Meditation with Samma Kurana School

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Hugh Lee

Impact Leadership Proteus Australia

Momentum Leadership Proteus Australia 

Bachelor of Business Swinburne University of Technology


Sacred Feminine Embodiment is a new way of living for women. One that feels nourishing, supportive and like 'home'.

It’s about releasing the conditioning of the masculine ways of constant doing, striving and achievement. It’s reclaiming your feminine powers of intuition, presence, flow, ease and living from a place of deep inner knowing and worth.

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