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There comes a critical point, where the old ways of striving, achievement, busyness, and constant doing are no longer serving you. When your body is crying out in disharmony or dis-ease. When your current life – career, friends, behaviours – no longer feel like you. When living how you are is causing greater discomfort then taking a leap of faith into the unknown. 


I am Jess, a woman who continues to destroy and burn down everything that isn’t my truth or in alignment with my sovereignty to experience greater love, pleasure, feminine power and freedom.


I’ll invite you to do the same


I’m described as








I’ll guide you to –
+ Make Art with your Darkness

+ Illuminate and Free yourself of limiting patterns, beliefs and wounds

+ Safely Express your feelings – all of them – fear, passion, grief, anger, love, guilt, shame, bliss
+ Move in your radiance, pleasure, sexuality, joy and magnetism

+ To really FEEL and EMBODY the magnificence that is YOU


I am a certified Feminine Embodiment CoachYoga and Meditation Teacher, Solo Mama to a 3 year old girl, Triple Scorpio, Self proclaimed Phoenix and Sacred Feminine & Dark Goddess. 


I hold a Bachelor of Business and spent my 20’s playing the game of life – business career, outward success and $$ but inner turmoil, dis-harmony in my body and emotions and a life which felt like a slow death.

During my life I’ve had many small and big awakenings and many shit storms to weather. At 27 my soul pushed me out of the comfortable but constricting life I had created, where I left behind and destroyed everything I had created and started to tear down the internal walls I had built myself into.

went from hyper masculine, disempowered and caged to reclaim my feminine and lead me into a path of Liberation and Healing.

At 33, in late 2019 and early 2020 I went through a dark knight of the soul – Death and Rebirth – I seperated from my daughter’s father and held my hand on my mothers heart as she died less then 3 months later –  and I know exactly how to swim with the chaos that life presents and take all the pain you’ve been given and make fucking magic out of it. 

I teach what I have lived and embodied, not from an intellectual only place.

No one else will offer you the experience I can, so if you are called to work with me it’s for a reason, trust that. We enter a sacred container of healing and awakening together.

Working with me is potent and life changing if you are willing to meet me and jump into the ocean that is you.

The feminine is Awakening. Are you ready to join the Liberation?

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