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hello beauty, I'm glad you're here

Are you ready to stop living a life ‘they’ told you to live, and to start creating in courageous alignment to your inner truth?


Find yourself looking at women in their feminine radiance and long to feel free, uninhabited and alive in your body? 


Feel like you’ve had glimpses of incredible connection to intuition, but don’t know how to live that connected daily?


Do you know it’s time to create healthy boundaries and really honour & express yourself and your inherent worth as a woman?


So over being in your head or feeling burnt out, rushed and stressed and just want to be easeful, grounded and spacious?

For a moment, imagine a life

 where you are guided by the sensations and wisdom of your body for easeful decision making and daily clarity

 deeply connected to your unique feminine expression and living in flow – no more rushing, hustle, feeling stressed AF or overwhelmed as normal

fully owning your desires and stepping powerfully forward with grounded actions

knowing your own worth and no longer needing to prove or compare yourself through achievements, grades, career titles, money, babies or partners 

 Knowing that inner voice of your intuition, truth and divine guidance with so much clarity that you never have to second guess or worry what is right for you 

 Living connected to your feminine centres of heart and womb and getting out of your head 

 Being told your radiant, courageous and feeling magnetic 

◬ Holding powerful boundaries without guilt or uncertainty

◬ Feeling divine supported and connected as your daily normal

Well, I want you to know, all of that (and more) is available to you.

And I’m here to support you – because I’ve travelled that road already.

5 years ago doing all the “right” things and looked successful from the outside, but I was numb, disconnected from my feminine, suffering adrenal fatigue and in my masculine all the time.

My self worth was pegged on my status, career and achievements and I felt so rushed. I had rejected my body’s wisdom, and stuffed down my intuition – until the disharmony in my body grew louder and she gave me no choice but to listen. 

I made a series of big (and little) moves, invested in myself, obsessively researched, learnt and studied, slowly started to feel all the things I had squashed down, radically shifted my beliefs, reconnected to my body, connected to my heart and womb  and sacred feminine awoke within me. I got so damn clear on myself, my inner truth and channelled my inner courage to become the woman I am today. 

Many times, I made decisions that seemed illogical or didn’t make sense to others (even my nearest and dearest), but I continuously honoured my heart and intuition over anyone or anything else. (Find my full story and qualifications here)

And my gosh, has the pay off been incredible.

I’m here to support you to do the same and live as the sacred, sovereign woman you are

I’m a feminine embodiment coach, yoga and meditation teacher, mother and I work with the sacred feminine energies. I guide awakening woman to come into courageous full expression of themselves, connect to their body and intuition, and create a life aligned with their inner knowing and to share their unique feminine gifts with the world. 

I see so many incredible women so close to the life they desire, but stuck in their heads, repeating the same pattern, not claiming their worth and putting everything else first. These women intellectually understand ‘the feminine’  but are not yet embodying her. These women who know that more is available to them, they just don’t know quite how to get there alone.

Hand on heart, know that flow, radiance is your birthright and there is a wise and wild woman waiting to awaking within YOU too. 


This is not something you have to go ‘searching for’ or ‘find’ or ‘fix’.

This is something that IS already you. That together we will access, amplify and awaken. 

During this three month program you’ll dial up your body wisdom, intuition & feminine power and learn how to fully feel, welcome and release emotions so you can live in your sacred feminine, flow and radiance.

Our journey is unique to your intentions and needs – and I’ll support you through on many of these areas:


+ Cultivate your feminine super powers (like creativity, intuition, feeling, sensing) and balance masculine traits (like action, working, logic),  to get out of your head and into your body

+ Increase your body sensitivity, wisdom and ability to feel and access pleasure and aliveness every single day

+ Connect with your unique, raw and beautiful sacred feminine (who is already within you – waiting to bloom)

+ Understand your inner truth and what is sovereign and right for you, releasing the need to people please or put yourself second, third or last

+ Make courageous big (and small) steps to create the life your dreams – even if logic and reason tell you it’s crazy 

+ Release fear, grief, pain and anger from the past so you can move forward, feeling free and whole again

+ Understand your boundaries, anchor these in the body and feel so grounded to hold them and honour yourself with anyone, in any scenario 

+ Illuminate beliefs, stories, wounds and upgrade your mindset which are keeping you seperate from your powerful inner woman and living the life you truly desire

+ Get clarity on and disrupt any habits keeping you stuck, small or dimming

+ Make friends with the light and dark aspects of you and radically accept yourself – to have grounded self belief and confidence in your uniqueness 

+ Fully feel your emotions and learn embodiment tools to release stagnant or heavy emotions and amplify pleasure, joy and aliveness so you feel equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you 

+ Seperate your worth from your achievements, status, goals or relationship and know that you are so god-damn worthy just as you are 

+ Navigate big life changes with grace, acceptance and trust (like pregnancy, career moves, motherhood, relationship ending/starting, family journeys, bad news, illness)

+ Connect to your wild, wise woman and inner Wolf to create a life which is in alignment to your truth, throw off the shackles of the ‘good girl’

+ Access your womb wisdom and work with your inner cycles and mama earth energy

 + Connect to Sacred Feminine Heart and amplify your feminine Grace, Aliveness, Sensuality, Divine Love, Mother energy

This is a whole body, heart, mind, womb and soul journey over 3 months. 

 By the time we finish the woman who are truly are will embody more space in every area of you your life – from  relationships, mothering, career and business. 


The Sacred, Sovereign Woman is a signature program I’ve created exactly for you. Through this process, your sacred feminine will awaken.

The program includes

+ pre journey questionaire to get you thinking and feeling on the big areas in your life and yourself  and start asking those powerful questions right away

+ 90 minute deep dive to start to set some juicy, embodied intentions to anchor our journey and get your familar with powerful practices for your rituals at home to support your journey

+ 6 x 60 minute fortnightly coaching calls to drop deeply into your feminine, body wisdom and intuition 

+ 3 months of unlimited email access 

+ library of audios, yoga and embodiment practices and masterclasses to support you

+ Access to me as an open book, your support woman and channel for the sacred feminine energy 

+ Access to any online immersions for FREE during the time of your coaching 

The program is a low 4 figure investment for 3 months 

Feeling into whether this is for you?

Trust that inner feeling, that quiet voice, the pull of your heart and that knowing that MORE is available to you.

Here’s what others say about the Sacred Sovereign Woman Journey:

“Jessica’s Feminine Embodiment coaching has been the missing link I needed to work through some deep emotional barriers that were blocking me from living in freedom.

Each session we would sit and meditate with my womb space, as I’d be guided to uncover an unhealthy area that was surfacing in my life. Through meditation, movement, and allowing Spirit to fill my body, these areas were healed one by one. 

Jessica’s coaching allows you to be raw, vulnerable, and real without fear of judgement. As you begin shifting areas that once were huge blockages in your life, you realise the power of the feminine, of our intuition, and of God’s guidance. And it truly radiates out to the world as you feel the freedom and finesse to live your Truth.  – KAYLAH 

“Working with Jess throughout my pregnancy was hands down one of the best things I could have ever decided to do. After spending most of my life thinking I NEVER wanted kids, and then one day waking up and deciding I did, and then falling pregnant almost instantly it’s fair to say I walked into the whole experience extremely blind and naive. Not only did I have no idea how mentally and physically tough pregnancy could be, I could never have anticipated the identity rollercoaster the whole experience was going to take me on either. 
Through my sessions with Jess I learned to have self compassion, to listen to my body, to let go of guilt, and to find the beauty in what feels like life’s hardest experience to date. Jess is so incredibly wise and intuitive, and always knew what questions to ask to help me realise what’s genuinely important and what I needed to let go of. She created a safe and beautiful space for me to completely open up about what I was feeling without fear of judgement. Every time I left I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and I could see and think clearly once again. 
Thanks to Jess I feel so much more prepared for motherhood, and I am so pleased to know I will have her support throughout that too.” – NICOLE

Feeling that pull towards something more? Book your free Discovery Call here

I want you to know working with me is for you if  

  • Are open to the fact ‘the work’ can actually be easeful
  • You’re ready for powerful questions, with the answers being born from your truth
  • Are willing to show up (for yourself ) and explore the depths of your beautiful being
  • Want to work with someone who can hold you through the dark and the light, and mirror your beauty, radiance, power and resilience
  • Are ready to take radical responsibility through looking at your beliefs (with my loving support)
  • Want to work with a body based and unique feminine coaching model
  • Wants to be held by a woman who has walked the path and living it

Working with me is not for you

  • Don’t believe in unseen energy, mystical senses or intuition 
  • Don’t want to co-create – you expect me to ‘heal’ or ‘fix’ you
  • Want a mind based or action only program – you won’t hear me say “just do it” “take action and work it out later”
  • Believe there is a one stop formula for embodiment – there are tools, but every single woman has a unique blueprint that already exists within you
  • Aren’t ready to invest in yourself and celebrate the woman you are


You’re here and feeling called to this for a reason – trust that guidance.

It would be an honour to support you.

Let me support you in releasing what is holding you back, so you can experience feminine freedom, flow and radiance – every single day.

Book in your free Discovery Call here, or get in touch to find out more about how we can work together.

During our 40 minutes discovery call we have a heartfelt chat about where you’re at, how you desire to be feeling and living, I share some insights and the next steps if it feels right.