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From my heart to yours, here are some free offerings for you to use in your journey back into your feminine 

"I experienced full bodied resonating tingles from these affirmations. They are useful to listen to over and over. Thank you for creating this Jess"
Mum, Reiki master & yogi
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Womb Healing Guide
sacred practices

After personally experiencing pregnancy loss through ectopic pregnancy, losing a fallopian tube and undergoing emergency surgery, alongside  as working with many women, I found there is not a lot of emotional support offered to women after womb trauma such as pregnancy loss, difficult births etc. I personally used the spiritual practices in this guide to help reconnect, trust and heal my womb and heart space. 

I offer them to you in a free guide– from my heart to yours.

The guide is a start to support you in a womb healing journey.It’s permission for you to grieve, be angry, feel the feels and invite healing energy into your divine body.
FREE to all women

Guided feminine affirmations

5 minutes of recorded sacred feminine affirmations to anchor you in a high vibration, connect with your feminine and ground your body and mind. 

“Jess’ meditation has become an important part of my morning ritual. Her powerful words are the perfect way to start my day and remind me of my inner strengths + resources” – Sam, 29, girlboss

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Mum & Coach for Mothers

“The sacred feminine affirmations are a beautiful practice I get to incorporate into my life. 5 minutes of intention powerful language to allows me to step into a place of peace and relaxation. It’s short, sweet and powerful.”

Modern Sacred Feminine is a new vibration waiting for you to step in, claim your power and anchor into.

I’ve created a whole heap of tools and support to guide you through this journey. Take an explore and let your heart and womb lead.