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1:1 Coaching


A one-on-one  Sacred Feminine Mentorship
for deep healing, activation, remembering into your Awakened Feminine Fullness, Power and Expression

Descend into your depths
Crack open to bliss


Your antidote to spiritual bypassing

The medicine you crave 

Not a 10 step program

Not a fast track system

There’s is no hacking, nor hustle

This is a not mindset or affirmations gig

This is the depth.
Feeling. Expressing. Movement. Healing. Shadows. Wounds. Growth.

This is Feminine Transformation & Rebirth of the Woman that is you.


Untame yourself from the cage you have put yourself in.

You are here to embody the fullness of you.


Liberate is a 1:1 Mentorship 


An ANTI LEARNING of what you’ve been taught, programmed and led to believe 

It’s an unmasking

An expressing

A flowing

Of the true you to emerge


Raw and Real

 – just like the feminine

Woman, we are in a time of change – #riseofthefeminine is not just a sexy hashtag, it’s a call to women courageous enough to create a new path, a new way of being and living.

An inner transformation for women who are ready to stand in their true feminine power and sacred & dark femininity to experience greater love, freedom, flow and bliss.


A union of soft surrender and unshakable grounded power, as you liberate what binds you (limiting beliefs, wounds, shadows) and Awaken the True Woman with. 

For the Woman ready to allow the cloak she wears to fall to the ground. 

And stand, naked and free, feminine and full


The LIBERATE Experience

LIBERATE is Somatic (body based), Spiritual and Intuitive Journey, connecting your mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies in a transformative experience.

Deeper pleasure, love, power and freedom is awaiting you.

This journey is about you, the Woman, so it will impact every facet of your lifeyour relationships, your sexuality, your daily habits, your business, your mind and emotional wellbeing, you love blueprints, your financial story, your mothering, the way you hold boundaries, how you walk in the world, how you express your beauty  – ALL OF IT.

We are working with your deepest levels of your four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and energetic (this is NOT mindset coaching) and making changes from this space has a profound impact on your vibrational state and permeates out into EVERY facet of your life.

You will TRANSFORM you to the depth you show up with an open heart and devotion to LIBERATE


LIBERATE is as much about the experience and journey as it is about the “end goal”.

My gift as a sacred mentor and coach is to provide a container where you can go into the depths of yourself. To feel yourself fully – intensity all the way up. I can see and sense the truth of you, beyond how you look, or what you say. 


My role isn’t to TELL YOU what to do, it’s to GUIDE you into your own truth and awakening – so your true power can emerge.


I see you fully –  your highest potential, your beauty, your darkness, your mess and the power that’s waiting to move through you. 

Together, we will jump into a deep ocean that is You.

What you can expect from LIBERATE:

+ To develop a depth of awareness of Self that allows you to navigate life and relationships with ease, grounding and unshakeable power

+ To Connect and attune to your body and her inner wisdom for greater clarity, better health and owning your truth

+ To release stored tension, experiences and emotions through somatic healing, freeing your energy to return to ‘flow’ and amplify pleasure states

+ To embody more of your sacred feminine resonanceheart led, surrendered, receptive, sensual, radiant and magnetic (and evoke greater empowered masculinity in the men around you)

+ To embody more of your wild and dark feminine – expressive, powerful, untamed, intuitive – no longer seeking approval, validation or permission. 

+ To become more at ease with primal expression (movement, sound, breathe, touch), your emotional landscape and inner world so that you feel able to ride the waves of your feminine emotions rather than drown in their chaos.

+ To embrace the sacredness of your darkness – shadows, anger, power, sexuality and express these without shame, making art with darkness

+ To receive full permission to own, express and embody your pleasure, sensuality and sacred sexuality and become sexually liberated in a way that feels deeply aligned to you, connected to both your pussy and heart 

+ To create healthy inner union and dance between empowered feminine and masculine energies to serve the situation you’re in, and get what you want from people and life.

+ To balance your big heart with your inner bad ass to stand firm in rooted boundaries and voice your truth

+ To accept yourself and understand your deeper wants, desires, fears, motivations, wounds and shadows – making your an creator of your life, rather than a reactor


How you can expect to feel:
(to your inner wisdom, love, source and universal energy)

(Lead by pleasure, joy and love)

(never settling, and feeling grounded and powerful to walk away from misalignment, trusting that as you honour yourself, you are on the ‘right’ path).

The LIBERATE Model for Feminine Transformation

There are 5 core elements which are the foundations for your transformation, which are experienced as required by you.

This is my model and our underpinning masculine structure, knowing you are held safely and guided – this is not airey fairy or fluffy spiritual journey.

This is Awakening, Liberation & Transformation. 

Our journey is one that is co-created together, under a feminine model, meaning is it unique to each woman, non-linear and cyclical, we may journey through some or all of these elements – 


Who is LIBERATE for?

LIBERATE is for the Women ready to remember of the truth of you; claim your potency and fullness, as an Awakening, Feminine Woman.

This is for you if:

+ You’re here – it’s no coincidence

+ This is not your first time on the self development merry go round, and you crave a real depth and TRANSFORMATION in body based model.

+ You know there is a better way and MORE AVAILABLE to you .

+ You’re so DONE with living in outdated and masculine paradigms and ready to CHOOSE differently.

+ You feel drawn to a FEMININE WAY OF LIVING, being and relating – both the light and wild feminine.

+ You’re here, now,  to CLAIM your birthright of bliss, love, joy, feminine power and ease.

+ You desire to FEEL FUCKING GOOD in your body and live a turned on, femme life.

+ You want authentic support to be taken DEEPER THAN EVER before and deeper than where you can go alone.
+ You understand expansion is not all love and light – it’s MESSY, REAL, RAW and DARK

+ You are BREAKING family cycles, dysfunctional patterns, limiting beliefs, disempowering relationships programming – and need someone who can really hold you in that. (I’m your gal)

+ You’re ready to CO-CREATE MAGIC and take RADICAL RESPONSIBILTY for your life (I cannot do the work for you gal).
+ You’re
DONE fucking settling in Life, Love and Service

+ You feel WORTHY of, and ready to, INVEST in this experience. 

+ You’re READY NOW for transformation, healing and change

How LIBERATE is delivered

Over an agreed amount of months we come together in a sacred, potent, healing and awakening container, I work with women for a intitial duration of minimum 3-6 months.


  • Potent and Profound Deep Dive Questions to get to you know before we first connect and so you can start the journey within

Live sessions:

  • Opening 45-60 Minute Deep Dive to set Anchors and Intentions for your Journey
  • 6 X 60-75 minute embodiment coaching sessions (2 sessions per month for 3 months – online via zoom )

Personalised Home Integration

  • Support tools, workbooks, resources, masterclasses, audios and videos to support your transformation based on the 5 guiding principals (based on your needs)

Ongoing Support & Connection

  • Voxer/ Email (audio and/or written) support on to stay connected – ensuring you feel safe, seen, heard, supported and nourished on this profound container and all that may arise
  • Me as your personal champion, accountability partner, mentor and coach during this awakening period of your life, so you feel safe, supported and held and to hold the resonance of Liberate and mirror this to you – freeing you to be feminine and feeling
For 3 months I am energetically holding you to a Sacred and Wild Feminine Frequency and Embodiment – this goes beyond the sessions and deep healing, breakthroughs and open hearted states are normal and expected 

Who am I?

I am Jess, a woman who continues to destroy and burn down everything that isn’t my truth or in alignment with my sovereignty to experience greater love, pleasure, feminine power and freedom.

I’ll invite you to do the same

I’m described as







I’ll guide you to –
+ Make Art with your Darkness

+ Illuminate and Free yourself of limiting patterns, beliefs and wounds

+ Safely Express your feelings – all of them – fear, passion, grief, anger, love, guilt, shame, bliss
Move in your radiance, pleasure, joy and magnetism

+ To really FEEL and EMBODY the magnificence that is YOU

I am a certified Feminine Embodiment Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Solo Mama to a 3 year old girl, Triple Scorpio, Self proclaimed Phoenix and Sacred Feminine & Dark Goddess. 

I hold a Bachelor of Business and spent my 20’s playing the game of life – business career, outward success and $$ but inner turmoil, dis-harmony in my body and emotions and a life which felt like a slow death.

During my life I’ve had many small and big awakenings and many shit storms to weather. At 27 my soul pushed me out of the comfortable but constricting life I had created, where I left behind and destroyed everything I had created and started to tear down the internal walls I had built myself into.

I went from hyper masculine, disempowered and caged to reclaim my feminine and lead me into a path of Liberation and Healing.

At 33, in late 2019 and early 2020 I went through a dark knight of the soul – Death and Rebirth – I seperated from my daughter’s father and held my hand on my mothers heart as she died less then 3 months later –  and I know exactly how to swim with the chaos that life presents and take all the pain you’ve been given and make fucking magic out of it. 

I teach what I have lived and embodied, not from an intellectual only place.

No one else will offer you the experience I can, so if you are called to work with me it’s for a reason, trust that. We enter a sacred container of healing and awakening together.

The Liberate experience is potent and life changing if you are willing to meet me and jump into the ocean that is you.

Ready to experience your feminine awakening and LIBERATE?


Become Embodied to your Sacred & Dark Feminine Self, the most aligned and true version of you yet. Dance confidently in the world with a deep inner knowing and trust – as woman who is truly free.


True liberation is birthed from deep self awareness and the ability to alchemise the past to create the future you desire

Your first step to LIBERATE is dropping in with me for a Connection Chat – were I get to understand where you’re at, what you desire, you can ask me anything, I explain a little more about this experience and we feel into if we’re a good fit together.