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For the woman desiring embodied Feminine Aliveness - overflowing in radiant love light and wild, untamed liberation.

An intimate, experiential and immersive 3 month program to feel unshakable confidence, radiant femininity and deep, grounded self worth as you remember who the fuck you are.

Enrolment currently closed –
Join the waitlist to get first access to this intimate, deep and life changing temple for awakening feminine leaders opening early 2022


Tuned in

Turned on


Woman –

It’s time to come home to yourself.

To reject and rebel  against who ‘they’ told you to be.

To emerge in your fullness and power as a feminine, flowing, feeling and embodied woman – led from the heart, untamed and wildly expressed – as you.

REBELLION dismantles the chains and chokehold of the internalised patriarchy, to evoke, embrace and embody the fullness of you and the Woman you’re here to be in the world.

A sacred blueprint for awakening women and new way feminine leaders.

next round 
early 2022 

Igniting femme fire & liberation

I’m Jess – leading a new way for women who are done playing the good girl, or stuck in a hyper masculine mode. 

I’ll guide you home to the wisdom of your heart, body and spirit, whilst igniting a fire of ‘she won’t be fucked with’ attitude.

The true feminine power.

 We move beyond the duality of ‘high vibe’ and ‘low vibe’ – you’ll learn how to dance with your emotional spectrum, and work with anger, grief, frustration so they become a source of empowerment. 

We penetrate your Woman – beyond the roles of wife, lover, daughter, boss babe, mother, so you can remember who the fuck you really are, and be bold enough to be her.

Shed layers of the good girl – approval seeking, permission, external validation, fear of being too much, fear of being too sexual and simply shine – untamed.

Learn potent, sacred practices that will forever support your (r)evolution, you life, your love life, your sex life, mothering, your business – as you spiral over and over again, like the phoenix in metamorphosis. 

REBELLION moves you through the spectrum of awakened femininity, to widen and deepen in your expression and embodiment as a Woman.

An inner revolution – of the boxes you’ve put yourself in, the narrow roles you play, or habituations keeping you dimmed in any way.

As you liberate yourself, this flows to every facet of your life, love, purpose, and through your body and energetic frequency – cue empowered, sacred, wild, radiant and free.

the rebellion experience is


Using the REBELLION sacred blueprint to spiral deeper and deeper.

Designed for life long healing, integration and expansion


Small Group of Women who are going taking quantum leaps together, anchoring a new feminine frequency.

Think sistermind, not a mass group program


Spiritual,  Somatic (body based), and Embodiment in nature – not a mindset experience.

Your homeplay & integration exercises are practice based.

rebellion sacred blueprint

You’re guided through a 4 step spiral process of Activation > Exploration > Integration > Embodiment.

This is our divine masculine energy and structure, so you’re feminine flow, emotions and expression can enter the space, and you feel safe, supported and guided every moment of the process.

Every module is designed in this way, and so your growth, healing and expansions continues long after the 12 weeks.

3 Key Anchors

Each month is anchored by a theme, supporting you from light, to dark feminine, and then Awakened Femininity.
| Individual Modules and delivery of program is outlined (keep scrolling!) |

radiant Love

Awakening the feminine frequency of love light within you. The sacred feminine heart and love is the foundation of everything we do. We create this foundation to shift you back into your empowered feminine frequency. Here we heal masculine and feminine wounds creating blocks to your feminine frequency, freedom and magnetism.

Untamed Expression

Learn powerful skills in Emotional Liberation & Expression - for rage, anger, grief, pain, shame etc. Unlock your expression as a woman and overcome the fear of “too muchness". Connect with your sacred sexuality and internal pleasure current to amplify pleasure and aliveness.


Overflowing in aliveness, confidence, radiance and self trust, connected to innate feminine gifts, - this is true feminine power, leadership and fullness. Feminine Power is not a specific thing you ‘learn’ but who you become through the process of awakening and attuning back into the truth, fullness of you

what’s included

6 x live embodiment Channeled healing Sessions

In this space, you get to show up and receive. All of you is welcome. Emotional, embodiment, somatic, and spiritual, these are deep healing and activating containers. You are held by me, the energy of the sacred feminine and universe in these spaces. Replay is given. Valued at $1222

3 X live Q&A + Hot seat coaching Sessions

Sessions where we chat, connect, discuss what's coming up and option for hot seat coaching. These are powerful for integration and connection, where you bring it all to the table with me. Replay is given
Valued at $800

6 x modules

Fortnightly modules (detailed below) to support your integration and embodiment accessible through Teachable and the Teachable App
Valued at $2000

guided devotions

Like a feminine version of a challenge, where you're specifically guided to a daily pratice to aid Exploration. Valued at $300

Private FB community

Surrounded by like minded women who are supporting you, this is where synergy and quantum expansion happens, and we heal feminine wounds - and you find your biggest supporters! Valued at $500

Soul Sister Pods

smaller group connections incase your not the 'post on social' type, so you feel connected and supported all the way. valued at LOVE and sisterhood

Juicy Bonuses

#1 Womb Wisdom 1 hour masterclass with Mariee Walsh
#2 Soul Chats with Business Coach & Soulpreneur Queen Robyn Gooding where she shares her secrets for expansive, profitable and heart led biz #3 Extra soul rants answering your questions as they arise Valued at $400

6 potent modules

The modules are embodiment, somatic and practice based,( + video / audio guidance + workbook support if required). The main focus is around EMBODIMENT which happens through somatic practice! Practices range between 10-25 minutes and will catapult you into a sacred wild feminine frequency that cannot be mistaken. The invitation is a practice *most days*

Supporting you to undertake a transformational experience, your initiation.

Library of foundational embodiment, yogic and energetic practices which will support you forever. Tune into your hearts intelligence field and your somatic (body) cues for clarity, knowing and ease in decisions and direction of your life and seed a wild feminine frequency to dismantle beliefs and programs keeping you small and tamed.

Shift from mind based living (masculine) to body, heart and energy led (feminine) and support your feminine nervous system to open and receive (prerequisite for magnetism) and to get out of fight, flight, freeze, and fawn.

You receive a library of practices curated from ancient esoteric practices, feminine embodiment, somatic healing and neuroscience. These are specific to support feminine nervous system, which is different and unique to masculine energies.



Acknowledge, feel and release disempowered beliefs and experiences around masculine and feminine to find inner sacred union – led by your empowered femininity, supported by your balanced, healthy masculine. Understand dis-empowered and empowered femininity, get to know which energy your embodying through somatic cues.

Learn the somatic posture and energetic transmission of wild sacred femininity which opens you up to be magnetic and radiant and immediately shifts you into a receptive and highly feminine frequency and evokes masculine energy from those around you. 

Embrace the emotional spectrum that is you, and safely feel, express and alchemise your full emotional spectrum, we go into the dark to open you up to more bliss. Play with your expression across all areas to take up more space, woman! The activations and tools are incredible powerful in this module, and can move through deep stagnated emotion and experiences.

Learn to welcome your full emotional spectrum, including ‘dark’ emotions like rage, fear and grief, with specific practices to be with, rather then repress. You’ll be guided to explore greater depth and width of your expression in many forms, breaking free of the fear of “too muchness” and your good girl.

Liberate shame and guilt, moving from performance based, repressed, or good girl sex into an authentic expression of sexuality. 

Connect with your sacred sexuality and internal pleasure current – from primal, performance or good girl approval or  porn ideals based sexuality to a feminine led, embodied and sacred erotic expression

Merge your heart, womb and yoni, transcending primal sexuality – and let waves of pleasure start to move through your body as you claim yourself as a sacred AND sexual woman, as you let your Turn On take up more space.

Most of what you’ve been taught and shown around feminine power is wrong, and simply masculine power expressed in a Woman.

Embody the essence of the elements, and reside in anchored, unshakable confidence and power, as you come into the fullness of yourself as Woman.

Power is standing up for your truth, and voicing it, and holding this energetically. 

Power is claiming your body, your beauty, your sensuality as your own.

Power is honouring the polarity of masculine and feminine energies. 

Power is understanding both the soft and wild feminine are equally potent.

Here you learn how to use somatic, body cues to stand in your boundaries and power, and turn to the elements to deepen your expression of feminine power and Shakti.

what she says about Rebellion

“I was very drawn to Jess at this specific time of my life because of her calm, unapologetic approach to being completely sovereign in this day and age.  I wanted her to teach me how to trust myself. Because it was so very obvious she trusted herself. I wanted that.

I had reached a space in my life where being told how to live my life was about to make me vomit or tell someone to fuck right off.

Jess is so deeply passionate about women liberating themselves and trusting themselves 100% to be the empowered goddess that we are, to steer the world into its heavenly capacity. She could have coached me in a way that made me trust HER but she would never want me or anyone to believe in her over their own personal truth. She always navigated me back to my own heart to find the answers and that has changed my damn life!!!!!!!!

I love Jess so much. I have the highest respect for her. If you are doubting yourself, but feeling a fire in your belly to be more of you, Jess is the woman that will hold you unconditionally until you realise AND feel that you hold the answers that you seek. Nothing is more empowering than trusting yourself like that. You begin to feel your own life force, your power might even scare you because you are so conditioned to be small! And we out will become a magnet to so many exciting things it will actually make you laugh how easy it can be to receive what you want without trying. Just by being in your feminine flow.

Another important thing about jess as a feminine embodiment coach is she does NOT teach women to be equal to men, she does not teach women to hate on men in order to take their power back as that would defeat the purpose of the rising feminine. In my opinion, she is one of few women that teach Authentic feminine empowerment. She understands the roles the feminine and masculine play and how they work in harmony not in competition.

I could go onnnnn! But this woman is the one I turn to in a heartbeat when I need someone to remind me that I have the answers, she’s the one who sees me for all that I am and reminds me of my power when I have forgotten.

I am sooo grateful to have Jess in my life, their are no words to justify just how fucking amazing she is and what she can ignite in you to be the fullest, most beautiful, strong version of yourself”
– Mary Fleet

Rebellion is currently closed for enrolment —
next round opens early 2022

Join the waitlist to get first access to this tiny, intimate, deep and life changing temple for awakening feminine leaders 


your mentor – Jess Jordan

Jess has a decade experience in leading humans, with 6 in the spiritual and self development space. Since 2015, she’s worked with woman, holding safe and healing containers for powerful experiences.

Jess is a somatic, spiritual and feminine embodiment coach, solo mama and is described as ‘femme fire’ – she is awakening and anchoring a new feminine frequency on the earth. Her work is deeply intuitively, guided by spirit, backed by certifications in yoga, meditation, trauma informed feminine embodiment and business – combining ancient wisdom and new science. She guides you home back to your own self trust, as the greatest authority on your life, body and heart – activating your true feminine leadership.

Jess approach is gentle, yet powerful for breakthroughs, trauma release and lasting embodiment of a true sacred feminine frequency. 


If anything's on your heart or mind that isn't answered here, please reach out my inbox is always open and I love speaking to you.
I'm also here to chat if you want to feel into whether Rebellion is right for you.

email: hellojessicajordan@gmail.com

You are sovereign, my dear, and don’t have to do anything, but it’s called practice and devotion for a reason.

That being said, the program and the the modules are designed to support your exploration (widening and deepening) and integration of the program content, so you can emerge more embodied in your wild, sacred feminine frequency. This is an experiential and immersion program, and you will receive the highest outcome by using the guidance in the modules, doing the somatic practices and partaking in the devotions.

The program is still powerful for the individual activations, the sacred blueprint is built on the modules supporting lasting healing, transformation and embodiment. 

Opening 2 Oct 2021

Opening Call Tuesday 5 Oct 2021 

Closing Ceremony Tuesday 21 Dec Solstice 2021 


Call Dates & Times 

(call times chosen to meet the group timezones, I am based in GMT + 8 Perth Western Australia and are likely to be between  a 12noon and 2pm start GMT + 8 but consideration will be given to those enrolled)


Radiant Love

Tuesday 5th Oct Activation (opening call)

Tuesday 19th Oct Activation

Friday 22nd Oct Hot Seat Coaching and Q&A



Wednesday 3rd November Activation

Tuesday 16th November Activation

Friday 19th November Hot Seat Coaching


Feminine Fullness 

Tuesday 30th Nov Activation

Tuesday 14th Hot seat Coaching / Q&A

Tuesday 21st Closing Ceremony Rebirth Solstice 

The intimate size of the group means the calls will be chosen based to suit as many women as feasible, noting the Rebellion timezone is GMT + 8. It is likely to be between 12noon. and 2pm start time – see the FAQ above for exact dates.

The invitation is to make space to attend each call if this is an option for you, especially the first and end call.


The replay will be made available within 24 hours for you to tune in.

If you can, create the space to join live with your sisterhood. 


If you’re unable, the guidance is to listen in and do the into the call the same week as it’s aired live, which will be most supportive for your transformation, and to stay connected to the group energy.

We understand you might have reservations about the financial investment, but this program is both an investment, commitment and devotion to your self. The group energy is both intimate and sacred. There are no refunds given once you join the program.

The Activations are not suitable for children present because it is time for you to allow emotions, energy, experiences to emerge, and I know this won’t be fully possible with your child present. They also will contain explicit adult only content, loud music, and potentially intense emotional expression like yelling, hitting, jumping or sexual content.


You are worthy and deserving of this time for you as a Woman, where your energy is held by me!


Children can be present for the Q&A and hot seat coaching sessions if you are unable to arrange alternative care. I strongly suggest pre arranging care, as you have invested in this time for YOU, and it will come back 10 fold for you and your family giving yourself this space. I understand barriers may be present as solo or/and FIFO mothers, and I encourage you to invest and ask for greater support during this time, as I do with my daughter! You deserve it mama.

The payment plan is 7 X Monthly payments. The first payment is taken out the day you enrol, and subsequent 6 payments monthly afterwards until a total of 7 payments are made. You will be taken to a payment gateway with the Rebellion agreement before enrolling and payment is collected. Payments must be finalised and paid in full.

Rebellion is a fully online experience.
You will receive weekly modules via Teachable, which is accessible on your laptop, tablet and phone, through web browser and app.

Live Calls are delivered via Zoom Application and the recording will be made available.

Connection and daily communication is through the private Facebook Group.

Deeper 1:1 Coaching, advice and support is available on the VIP Rebel Option, email me hellojessicajordan@gmail.com 

We work under a feminine model, understanding some weeks you will feel able to dive deeper, and others will require integration and beingness. You get to decide how  much energy you pour into this (ultimately you’re pouring into yourself). The program is designed for the maximum impact on your being and life, and to collapse timelines quickly, for you to embody the woman you desire to be.

This program is a devotion to Self, your feminine and your highest vision and I encourage you that you are the creator of your time, and to break free of the rush, and rat race and the belief you “have no time”, as we choose how to fill our day. 

You, my dear, have time for this experience.

I want you to ask yourself – How much will it cost you, what will you not experience through not devoting to this, and yourself? Are you ready to become the woman you desire to be? To end patterns keeping you small?

Realistically you’re looking at 10-30 minutes of suggested personal practice most days (which, trust me, will quickly become part of your daily flow you won’t want to miss), around an hour or less for module learnings and self reflection (or more if you like!), and up to 2 hours for each live sessions.

The time investment will flow through tenfold in your life, shifted frequency, radiance and aliveness as a woman.

This program is built on a feminine embodiment and energetic framework, and integrates teachings from a number of estorectic linages like hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga and tantra, but is based in embodiment, somatic healing and neuroscience. The biggest difference to a lot of spiritual containers is there is no duality between the dark and the light in this container, we take an open heart and mind to the whole emotional spectrum, rather then labeling some emotions high or low vibe, and emotional expression is key to this program, including ‘dark’ emotions like rage, shame, grief and guilt. Purity is not preached here. All is welcome.

You are guided to specific practices, as well as your own body led movement and guidance, rather then a dogmatic or strict view. Each woman will have her own journey with the content, and Jess encourages each woman to discern what feels aligned and true to her, rather then follow someone elses ‘truth’. A part of the journey is learning to tune into your own inner wisdom as the highest authority.

This is certainly not a “fluffy” spiritual experience, nor neither a heady masculine one. The program is built on masculine foundation (the river banks) and modeling through the unique Rebellion sacred blueprint so all flavours of the feminine can be free to flow (the wild untamed river).

We work under an embodiment, rather then tantra foundation, although the teachings are definitely influenced by tantra. You will not be learning ‘sex’ techniques, but rather removing barriers (like guilt, shame, limiting beliefs, womb trauma, sex trauma) and igniting your innate sensuality and sexuality, amplifying your pleasure and sexuality, getting to know yourself as a sexual woman. MEOW!

Rebellion is a sex positive environment, inclusive of all orientations, STI status, and we are a judgment and shame free zone. You have full permission to explore the depths, kinks and flavours of you, in a safe space.

Jess has worked with numerous women with sexual trauma, abortions, miscarrige, rape, positive STI status, birth trauma and emphasis safety, and body led release. She will never take you where you are not ready to go, and everything is optional.

The focus is on activating your unique sacred sexual blueprint, for yourself, and removing guilt, shame and the mainstream narrative around sex, womanhood, yoni and womb.

Jess believes sacred sexual liberation is fundamental to feminine power, and teaches around sexuality with absolute reverence.

I LOVE this question. A lot of personal development world has been heavily focused on ‘mindset’ and the mental plane. Rebellion works with the 4 bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and is focused on somatic (body), emotional, and energetic.
You may have discovered you can try and solve issues, or move through patterns on a mental plane, only to find the change isn’t profound, or lasting. Somatic, embodiment and energetic work is the missing piece. This will only amplify and take your previous work and healing deeper, for greater expansion.

Whether or not embodiment and somatic work is new to you, there is a reason you are called to this container, as it has something to offer you, that no other place can. Rebellion carries with her a unique feminine frequency, and there is channelled guidance in the experiences and activations, the group which is brought together will be the exact group that is needed to support and create synergy in some way.

If you are getting the nudge – trust yourself and follow that. You will be immersed in healing, growth and femininity.

This is not a training modality or certification. The shifts and self work you undertake will definitely evolve and deepen you as a woman, and this will be felt, and seen by those around you, and naturally translate into your work as a coach, healer or light worker and you will be able to offer more because of this.

The content in itself is subject to copyright for Rebellion and Jessica Jordan and cannot be replicated, used or shared.

Mama, I want you to know firstly, you are a feminine leader, and you are worthy and deserving of this. You are still a woman. It’s easy to loose yourself in motherhood, and I particularly see the good girl coming up strong in motherhood – martyr anyone?!?

The mothers and solo mothers who have joined the program previously have shared how the program has helped them in their parenting – to hold their children’s emotions, to create and experience more joy with their children, and to navigate the ups and downs of mothering. The program has also supported mothers to be more open with their emotions, and previously taboo areas like sex, and discuss hard topics with more ease.

There will likely be a number of mothers, either partnered or solo in the group, who will also champion, get and support you.

Personally, I continuously work with coaches and healers, and these are a priority for myself, my daughter and the life I am creating. I know I am deserving and worthy of being supported, and I know every moment and dollar I invest in myself comes back 10 fold for myself and my family. I know I show up as a better mother, for the time I take for myself, healing myself, recharging and freeing.

I feel you woman, this is really common and I always believe what comes up during the process of enrolling, and once you are enrolled before we even begin is ALL apart of the divine activation you are meant to experience.

Some people and your partner may not fully ‘get’ why you are doing this, and not understand it because the ‘ROI return on investment’ is not fully tangible (but he will see and feel the difference!). You ultimately don’t have to justify nor explain if it feels right for you, as long as you are being mindful of family decisions and joint or family income, expenses and mutual respect for eachother. You need to discern if you are giving away your power, or coming to a responsible position. 

This is a beautiful opportunity for you to back yourself, voice your truth and not ask for permission – ultimately you do not need anyone else’s approval to join this, or any other program or experience. Sometimes we forget that as partnered woman, or we get into a dynamic where we expect our partner to make the decisions for us, or use that as a barrier. This is an invitation for you to step into your power now, say YES, back yourself whole heartedly, because if you are unwavering, they will have no choice but to support you.

This will also start to highlight some areas of your dynamic and the role you play in your partnership and the co-creation of that – and let this be an illumination, and bring this into Rebellion! Powerful – you won’t be the same woman leaving Rebellion.

I understand price can be a barrier to joining.

You have the option of a 7 month payment plan

If you are certain you want to join, but are unable to make payment for this round, you can secure your spot for the following round March 2022, at this price with a deposit and agreement – email hellojessicajordan@gmail.com for this option.

If you believe you are experiencing significant barriers you may be eligible for a partial scholarship, as it is important to me Rebellion and this work is accessible to all women. Partial Scholarship available for a woman experiencing Systemic barriers [members of marginalized communities that experience exclusion due to power dynamics] or Economic hardships [single mother, loss of income, inability to work, for example] – please apply hellojessicajordan@gmail.com  

Ready Queen? LEt’s do this, you won’t regret it –

Single Payment 

+ bonus 1:1 embodiment coaching session
+ Save over $650 


X 7 Monthly payments

Most spacious to support your needs


Want to chat first before committing? I’d love to connect – slide into my DM’s here on insta is the quickest way or email me hellojessicajordan@gmail.com