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Womb Radiance

To truly know yourself as a woman, you have to be willing to journey to the depths of your womb - and listen with reverence.​

Womb Radiance is an sacred bundle created for all women to deepen their relationship with their womb, femininity and cycle, release stagnant energy, pain, grief and trauma, and begin to awaken the magic that lies within – clarity, power, intuition and radiance.

Womb Radiance is for women ready to heal, connect and awaken the feminine radiance with lies within their womb.

 Womb Radiance provides the foundation to you to free your womb from any density or disconnection, and return to receivership and radiance – so you can access the magic which lies within you. 
A sacred container to activate womb healing, connection and honouring.  
Practices from meditation, feminine embodiment and ancient wisdom.
Completely self paced with digital content and downloads.

This program works with you on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level to restore flow and connection.

Inside you’ll find
+ Daily Devotion Womb Connection Meditation Audio


+ Guided Womb Healing Meditations – 
Deep  Womb, Heart & Feminine Expression healing
Daily healing and raise of your womb vibration 
Gaia’s Breathe Union Meditation
Healing Affirmations for surrender 


+ Sacred Womb Activation Audios
Sacred Womb & Feminine Affirmations Audio for expansion
Womb Wisdom Activation Audio


+ One Hour Womb Wisdom and Feminine Embodiment Masterclass

+ Guided Sacred Rituals for healing, connection and deepening to self, womb and shakti


+ Over 50 Journal prompts to get clarity, release and access the voice of your womb for different life stages and experiences of Womanhood (e.g. pregnancy, sexuality, motherhood etc.)


+ Freeing and Releasing Audio using feminine embodiment and tantra to restore flow


Womb Freeing Music Playlist 


Get Lifetime access to the full Womb Radiance program for $99 AUD

Designed for all women as a foundation to removing the taboo around womb, cycles and feminine nature.

+ Any and all women seeking to deepen a relationship with their womb and feminine essence
+ Women who have experienced womb trauma, birth trauma, pregnancy loss, womb injury or illness or infertility
+ Women who feel disconnected, pain or numbness within her womb, femininity or sensual self
+ Women who want to ignite their creative potential
+ Women who want to work on the energetics of their womb as a sacred space
+ Women who want to prepare their body, mind and energy for fertility, pregnancy, birth
+ Women who are pregnant
+ Postpartum women to honour their changing womb and encourage a relationship with womb into motherhood
+ Women who want to understand their moon cycle and the magic that lies within
+ Woman who want to heal ancestral, family lineage or society wounds and stories to do with the womb, femininity, sexuality and sensuality. 

Return to full radiance, connection and feel free as a woman, with access to deeper wisdom.

Get Lifetime access to the full program for $99 AUD 

 A Deeper look at what’s included:
+ Womb Connection Meditation Audios
Connects with your feminine energy centres and guides you to greater attunement to your womb space, and the messages and infinite wisdom she has for you. Gain clairty and inner guidance, knowing you hold the answers within.
To be paired with journaling prompts for greater insight or with any other practice.
+ Guided Womb Healing Meditations
1. Connect with the sacred energy of shakti and Gaia, and to come into a state of receivership and deep nourishment and healing for your femininity and womb space.
2.Daily Womb Healing Audio for feminine nurturing, opening and expression.
+ Sacred Womb Activation Audio
Raise your vibration, connect to the sacred and divine new feminine and activate all aspects of your femininity. Channeled activation to anchor into the new sacred feminine.
+ Womb Wisdom and Feminine Embodiment Masterclass 
Everything you need to know about your sacred womb space, what’s availiable to you. Learn more about the magic of your womb, your moon cycle, what magic lies within you, and suggestions to connect deeper to your true feminine essence.
+ Guided Sacred Rituals for healing, connection and deepening to self, womb and shakti
Written Printable Guide to support the different phases and experiences along your journey, weaving with natural cycles, the lunar cycle and powerful intentions.
+ Journal prompts to get clarity, release and access the voice of your womb for different life stages and experiences of Womanhood (e.g. pregnancy, sexuality, motherhood etc.)
Printable Guide with powerful and illuminating questions to get to your deepest truth and unlock what is buried within you. Questions to illuminate fears through to manifesting and creating your feminine, flowing self.


Most frequent questions and answers

Welcome! Yes, such a beautiful introduction and foundation to suppport you. This is absolutely newbie friendly, and suits women with any expereince in yoga, feminine arts etc. This program is not like anything I’ve found and is designed as a foundational practice for ALL women wanting to connect with their womb, body and femininity.

I’m a mum of a toddler and run a business – totally get it! It’s all self paced, so you drop in when you can. I advice committing to 5 minute practice for 2 moon cycles (around 60 days). I feel 5-10 minutes is feasible for every woman committed to up-leveling, healing and change. You have lifetime access to the bundle so if you’re struggling you can always come back to it when you have greater spaciousness.

Yes – There are many awareness and journal prompts specific to pregnancy, birth and motherhood, so this is perfect for you right now.

This program can certainly aid in supporting you on a mental, physical, emotional and energetic level. I would strongly suggest working with a medical professional / trained therapist alongside this program for maximum support.

This program makes it easy! Just intuitively be lead.

That depends on your definintion of woo. Some things may feel ‘weird’ at first, but that’s only because SO MUCH to do with our femininity, womb, sex and period is considered taboo, when it really is something natural and beautiful. This program helps to overcome and breakdown those old, restrictive and outdated ideas and empower women and shift society. POWERFUL stuff. 

Due to the digital nature of this program there are no refunds offered once the purchase has been made.

Definitely not – if you are already working with a medical professional please continue to do so. If you feel you need additional support contact a medical professional.

The program is self paced but includes workbook guides and many short videos to keep you grounded and explain everything. I’ve kept it easy to digest for all woman to be able to experience. If you’re seeking greater support reach out about Feminine Embodiment Coaching with Jess by here.

If you are called to this, then I would definitely feel into HOW you can make this happen and why you might be resisting the program if you feel called to it. This program is priced very affordably and will be available online for you when you are ready.

Get Lifetime access to the full program for $99 AUD