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Women’s Circles

sacred women's circles

There is a power when women gather together. We can shift, transform and heal. Simply being together. 

A sacred space for women to come together in ritual and reverence.

To honour you womb, heart and consciousness. To connect deeply with your feminine essence. To set intentions and shake off old beliefs. To move your body, drop out of your head and into your heart and connect with like minded sisters.

Face to Face Circles are held in Perth, Western Australia and throughout the seasons across Australia

 Online Immersions are open to women across the globe.

How women feel after a circle

"Jess helped me to calm my mind after a crazy week and to ground myself, to receive messages to help me honour my true self."
"I needed this so much. I feel sometimes that I'm lost and not heard, I felt I could share here and everyone heard me. I loved hearing other people talk from their heart."
"What a magical evening. From the moment I walked in I felt calm and safe. The journey was relaxing and shared with so much love."

Upcoming sacred circles

Awakening Women:
Sacred Feminine & Womb Awakening
Online Immersion
Sat 5 NOV

Second in a series being offered over Spring and Summer 2019/2020 offering a set of potent Activations into the sacred feminine aspects.

This second immersion is an immersion of the Sacred Feminine and Womb Wisdom, Healing and Awakening.

Women carry a lot of emotional ‘stuff’ within our womb -anything which we don’t feel safe, or cannot express in the moment – guilt, shame, hurt, pain, trauma. For many, we’ve become disconnected or numb from our womb, our feminine essence, wild woman, sensuality and sexuality.

Without giving these feelings and emotions a voice, we cannot fully live, and be expressed in wholeness as a woman. We block receiving all the guidance, flow, abundance, pleasure which is our birthright.
This a safe and sacred space for you to move into your femininity, connect to your womb and express what your womb and body is longing for in this moment.
A powerful, moving and healing session to free your womb. Before you can activate and access the wisdom, power, creativity and sexuality and sensuality, we must liberate and free our womb.
A heart expanding, deeply feminine, sacred session with the safety of an all female, non judgmental event.
For all women – you’ll feel it.

from the last immersion (more words from women who have journeyed online with me below in FAQ)“It was so good. I had the most intense visions and I just felt soooo great. Online was awesome, and it felt really sacred” Hayley

You receive:

+ 90 Minute LIVE Session delivered via Zoom
+ Recording to listen to if you cannot make it live with 40 days access to listen as much as you like

Really what you receive:

  • Deep connection to your feminine wisdom, guiding you to what she is yearning, and what action/s you need to take
  • Release shame, hurt, grief or tension which is carried within your womb
  • Incredible understanding of your womb as the feminine portal
  • Connection to the sacred feminine through embodiment
  • Activation of your Womb to Awaken this part of you to allow for greater flow, creativity, radiance and feminine power
  • An energetic and Somatic (body based) Embodiment experience
  • Greater knowledge of the sacred feminine and womb wisdom so you can access and dial up the magic that exists within you
  • Connection to incredible women from all over the world as we come together as a powerful sisterhood

 What women say and feel >

“Jess is such a light, her words and love flow through straight to the heart. I felt held, nurtured and supported the whole way through the experience”

“I highly recommend all women take the time to connect to their womb, it was an incredibly powerful experience”

“allowing all those wounds in the womb to come to the surface, it felt like a tornado, it was intense, and freeing expressing all the hurt, shame, guilt that was hidden deep in my womb and listening deeply to the pure love and wisdom that was so ready to be heard.. thank you from the centre of my heart Jess..” Amanda


Modern Sacred Feminine is a new way of living for women. One that feels nourishing, supportive and like 'home'.

It’s about releasing the conditioning of the masculine ways of constant doing, striving and achievement. It’s reclaiming your feminine powers of intuition, presence, flow, ease and living from a place of deep inner knowing and worth.

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