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I'm so glad you're here. I know we've been looking for each other. It's time to finally take a long, full breath out.


I know what it’s like to be burnt out, depleted and feel like “there must be a better way”. I know what it’s like feel exhausted by constant striving, doing and feeling rushed. I know what it’s like to be at war with your body, pushing her, judging her, and shaming her. I know what it’s like to think your self worth is your achievement, instead of just intrinsicly there, simply because you exist. I know what it’s like to feel stirrings, to feel like there must be something more. I know what it’s like to ask the question, Who Am I, really, beneath the masks and shields.


I’m here to remind you there is another way.


A softer way. A way where your body can thrive, be effortlessly well. Where you can love your work, feeling full of purpose and soul. A way surrounded by supportive, likeminded woman. A way of daily, simple joy and ritual. A way of being able to access your feminine intuitive, feminine power and embodiment. 


A way to be a woman, differently. 

To mother, differently. 

To have relationships, differently.

To honour your body, differently.

Awaken your true self – Let’s create magic together – Feminine embodiment coaching 

"The energy after the heart opening ceremony was electric. I feel the most healing I've ever done has been in the space that Jess holds for women." - Teleah

These offerings are for you if this resonates and you feel the pull. Trust that inner feeling. You’re here for a reason.​

You might resonate with one, or many of these:

Have always worked hard, have a career, feel independent, but somehow don’t feel fulfilled or are now searching for something more

You know your soul purpose or ready to make that big move and just need someone to help anchor you through this to get to your next level upgrade.

Want to get to know yourself on a deep level, live from your inner knowing and intuition, not just the mind

Ready to seriously upgrade from old beliefs, create healthy boundaries and  release tension from your being

Have become a mother and want to do things differently than you were shown. You want to show your children daily joy, self care and body reverence, and an empowered woman.

Your body has been letting you know through dis-ease, fertility challenges, stress, fatigue, moodiness that you need to come back to yourself.

You’re so over doing the same thing, and not getting what you truly desire – from partners, from your work, from your daily life.

Notice there are shifts happening on the planet right now and want to anchor in this energies

Already started a journey into your feminine and seeking guidance, support and sisterhood, knowing that taking support is a powerful decision.

You’re ready for real change, transformation and to come into your embodiment of your modern sacred feminine, open to her surprising you.

You want to explore both the dark and light sides of yourself, and need someone who can hold you in both.

You want to tap into your womb wisdom, release guilt, shame and stagnant emotions from your body and express all parts of yourself freely, including your wild woman.

You don’t only want to hear, or learn about femininity, you want to live, breathe and EMBODY this, and to truly walk courageously in the world as the woman you are meant to be.

Your dimming your light, your sexuality, your radiance

You KNOW you have intuition, but you don’t know how to understand her, what she is saying, or you’re questioning whether your inner voice is real or BS (we’ve all been there)

You work or operate generally from a masculine or stressed fight or flight way of being – you tend to be constantly striving, doing, achieving and really OVER IT

Ready to deepen? Let’s chat about Feminine embodiment coaching 

"Allowing all those wounds in the womb to come to the surface, it felt like a tornado, it was intense, and freeing expressing all the hurt, shame, guilt that was hidden deep in my womb and listening deeply to the pure love and wisdom that was so ready to be heard.. thank you from the centre of my heart Jess.." Amanda

There is a new way
- the way of the Modern Sacred Feminine.



Choose your journey

Feminine Embodiment Coaching

One on one coaching 12 week coaching. Two women creating together in a sacred container. You’ll transform into YOUR unique expression of your modern sacred feminine. Just like nature takes time to grow, 12 weeks together honour you to bloom. Time to recognise old conditioning and beliefs, balance your feminine, shed off what no longer serves – to step into, and embody, your birthright of the sacred feminine. 

This is for women are ready to completely uplevel their life. Women who are ready to dig deep, bold enough to make change and walk a different path. You’re so READY to bloom into the full woman who are meant to be in this lifetime.

Spaces open for Winter 2019.

More information and apply below

“Jess is a powerful space holder for woman to take a journey back into their womb. I felt safe, supported and cared for. I was guided through unravelling trauma I experienced giving birth and feel lighter as a result. Jess comes highly recommended” – Bec 

Sacred Women's Circles

Every month we gather as a collective to heal, connection, laugh, cry and move our body. Each circle is a powerful awakening, activating and healing space. Each circle gives you the chance to come back home again with yourself. Feminine embodiment, tantra, yoga, meditation, connection are all woven in.

Held in Perth. Other locations are held during the year. Find the next event by clicking below.

“The space Jess holds have fast become one of the most safe and healing spaces I have experienced. With her guidance I have been able to realise a lot of the pain I have carried.  Ive been working to realise this for a while now. Trying different things to release and let go…. Through her guidance and with the power of all the other woman I really let go and felt safe to be vulnerable and let it flow out of me.  I didn’t expect it. I didnt even anticipate it…. Usually when I try and let these emotions flow out it gets stuck in my throat and I gulp in back down. Like it’s too much to handle. I didn’t this time. I let the tears flow, I let myself tremble, I didn’t hold back one bit. I literally felt it rise out of me, move through my blocks and release into the earth. I totally let go. I walked away feeling an immense sense of lightness and trust.”

 – Hayley 

Fierce Grace: feminine radiance & reverence.
Group coaching program

A live online group journey for women globally. Collectively we come together to shift the old paradigm and heal the feminine – in healing ourselves we heal the world. Each week we unravel core areas to reclaim sacred feminine and invite ritual into your life. Includes weekly energy and embodiment activities. Find sisterhood, supercharge your feminine energy and walk in the world as an embodied, powerful woman.

This is for women ready to shift into the new feminine way of being, ready to claim their potency as a woman and their birthright to thrive, be nourished and supported. 

Next Round: taking applications 
Full details and info to Join click below 

Sacred Store: Meditations, Courses + ebooks

The modern sacred feminine is just that, modern. She uses the tools she has to stay connected, empowered, centred and grounded. I’ve created a number of beautiful offerings so you can fill your cup and reconnect to her, that woman that lives within.

Check out my online store for offerings you can start using, right now, at home.

Free: Womb Healing Guide

So close to my heart. A sacred offering for all women who have experienced womb trauma – through pregnancy loss, birth, sexual past, injury, illness or disconnection. a free guided ebook of tools to help you heal and honour this sacred space.

From my heart to yours 

Free guided meditation - modern sacred feminine affirmations

A five minute ‘raise my vibration, anchor me in the feminine’ practice for you to do.

A free gift just for you x

Get your free meditation for feminine radiance

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